You keep telling yourself that mate
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This is me yo
Oh yeah, SURE you told that homophobic transphobic white cis man to fuck off in Walmart and then the whole store burst into applause as you strutted off. Sure you did.

Mention me in posts you want me to see

I'm Beth by the way :)

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Secret major Cosplay groups are the best

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captainfrenzyfries asked: UGH I'm sorry about the message spam but I just love blogs that call people on their shit and the best thing is that you only use ONE GIF to do it!

Ahh its okay! I appreciate it thanks :) its nice to know people still like my blog in between the hate! Naah but seriously thanks xx

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captainfrenzyfries asked: This blog is perfection :')

Ahh thanks :D

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Seven Wonders of The world


1. My Ass

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Anonymous asked: What, you didn't Moonsault Double Flip Flying Take Down Hadouken the kid? Psssh. Lightweight~

i’m sorry sensei :’(

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jkdeathsbro asked: God damn people in this site need to grow the fuck up it was an accident I mean it's not like you got out if your seat walked over to the kid and decked the child


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candacemc2 asked: Parent here. All parents have had accidents that cause a kiddo to wail. We feel like the worst person on earth when it happens. What you did was an accident and the Mother is at fault. She should have disciplined the rug rat the minute he took your food.


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Anonymous asked: Imagine telling this story to someone else. "Let me tell you about the time I accidentally punched a toddler in the face."

my mum found it fucking hilarious

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Anonymous asked: Shocking plot twist, the anon is the child you punched.


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thecommontouch asked: It's just hilarious how hard they're trying to turn your child antics into a controversy! #childabusegate

I mean i’m pretty sure there are a lot worse things going on in the world, I could be wrong but like aren’t loads of kids dying in other countries or something?

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